June 2011 Versailles Congress Centre - Jicable'11 - 8th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


What are Jicable Workshops

Within the frame of the Jicable's Conferences, workshops are organized.

The workshops are focalized upon a particular topic allowing experts to exchange about their experiences.

A questionnaire is issued a long time before the workshop to gather data about the topic. Expert who have experience about the subject are encouraged to fill this questionnaire.

Attendance to these workshops is upon invitation only, according to the answers gathered through the questionnaire.

Jicable'11 associated workshops

Two workshops will be organized on Thursday 23rd June 2011.


"Achievement and experience in service of long length (> 10 km), HV, EHV and UHV electrical links by AC and DC insulated power cables"

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"Renewal cable distribution networks"

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