June 2011 Versailles Congress Centre - Jicable'11 - 8th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


Technical visits

Four technical visits are proposed:

For each visit registrations will be considered in order of arrival(please state a second preference on your registration form).

For security reasons relative to the visit of industrial sites, visitors must provide a copy of their passport (or identity card for members of EU) before May 20th to Jicable's Secretariat. No access badge will be delivered otherwise.

V1: EDF Testing and Research facilities: Les Renardières

EDF Les Renardières Laboratories perform a large range of tests (investigation, qualification, or sampling in the framework of quality control) for generation, substation and network equipment (distribution and transmission).

The visit includes :

Duration : 1 day
Capacity : 30 people
Fee : 90 €, including transport and lunch.

V2: Installation of a "long length" Medium Voltage Cable - Paris area

In order to limit failures due to accessories on the medium voltage network, ERDF (French DSO) is studying and testing the possibility to realise “long length” underground links (about 1 km), mainly using 240 mm² cross-section cables.

When applied, mainly in rural areas, this solution allows to reduce the numbers of accessories (factor 2 or 3) in comparison with classical installation (drums with 300 m of cable)

We propose to follow the laying of a "long length" Medium Voltage cable, carried out with the partnership of a cable manufacturer. It comprises the installation of a cold-shrink MV accessory with a mechanical connector (main technology used by ERDF)

Duration : 1 day
Capacity : 30 people
Fee : 90 €, including transport and lunch.

V3: Substation « Seine » and its underground installations

The substation « Seine », a transformer substation 225 kV / 63 kV, will be a key of the “Ile-de-France” transmission network at the end of 2011.

Indeed, this installation will play a major role in the secure of power supply of North East « Ile-de-France ».

During the visit, supply system of Paris is presented as well as integration of Seine substation in the network. Security, environment and proximity aspects are mentioned.

In order to tackle equipment side, the principle of a metal enclosed substation is presented.

A visit of a technical gallery will allow to illustrate all the points above-cited.

Duration : 1/2 day
Capacity : 15 people
Fee : 55 €, including transport.

V4: National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing (LNE)

The LNE is in charge both of the French metrology (French NMI), and of safety and consumer protection.

The visit concerns two laboratories of LNE, Trappes site (within 15 km from Versailles): the high voltage metrology laboratory and fire behaviour laboratory.

The high voltage metrology laboratory perform electrical studies carried out mainly on the metrology of strong currents in the range of 1 kV to 250 kV DC or AC. It also deals with smart meters.

The fire behaviour laboratory deals with fire behaviour tests, modelling and studies on the fire performance of materials and products, including cables and other electrical products.

Duration : 1/2 day
Capacity : 40 people
Fee : 55 €, including transport.

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