June 2011 Versailles Congress Centre - Jicable'11 - 8th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


News about Jicable'11

Jicable'11 is now over!

Jicable'11 has been a successfull event which gathered about 760 experts from 50 different countries.
A dvdrom will be issued, to get the most from the conference. Date of completion will be issued as soon as available.

Conference DVDRom

The Jicable'11 DVDRom shall be nearly completed and shall be sent to all delegates on next August

Round Table

The Jicable'11 Closing Session was a Round table about “State of the art and further prospects of "HVDC links by power insulated cables”
This session was broadcast - Find here the videos from each speaker.

Opening Lecture

The Jicable Opening Lecture on Monday June 20th "Medium and Long Term Prospect for Electric Power Development of China" was given by Mr. ZHU Xiao-hui Deputy Chief Engineer, Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute.
This lecture is available for download

Program of the Conference

The program of the Conference is now available, under the "Conference's Program pages"; You will find a usefuf "Conference at a glance" which is a planning of the Conference, the list of the technical sessions and their contents linked to the abstracts which have been accepted for presentation. See the "Conference's Program pages"

Full paper

The template to write full papers is available for download. Please note that the use of this format for full paper submissions is mandatory.

Programme of the Conference

The ISTC Meeting was held in Paris on last December 13rd, to state about the submitted abstracts. Don't miss to visit the photo gallery of this event, available on the Committee web page. The programme was built and the authors advised of the status of their submissions. The programme of the conference is now on-line (pdf format).

New deadline for WETS'11

Lucien Deschamps is pleased to inform that the deadline for submission of replies to the Workshop WETS '11 has been postponed to March 1st, 2011.

Complementary questionnaire on DC

The development of DC links by insulated power cables raises a number of new problems: space charge, ... To allow an exchange of information in this expanding field, Jicable proposes to organize a discussion as part of the workshop WETS'11. A complementary questionnaire WETS'11 DC has been prepared to guide this discussion.
You are invited to return this questionnaire in parallel with the main questionnaire WETS'11 by 1 March 2011.

With your username and password connect again and you will have access to a form allowing to download your abstract.

The Young Researcher Contest is open

It is a Jicable's tradition to held a Young researcher Contest, to promote the activities on the subject of Insulated Power Cables.

The call for Papers is issued with deadline to March 1st, 2011. See the relevant page of the site.

The online submission of the Jicable11's abstracts is closed

The organisers have received close to 300 abstracts, which is a record for the Jicable Conferences.

Due to this exceptionnal contribution of the authors, information about the status of their abstracts will be postponed to January 15th 2011. We apologize for the delay.

The International Scientific and Technical Committee met on December 13th to evaluate the abstracts, under the direction of its chairman Mr. Ray Awad and its secretary, Mr. Jean Becker.

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