June 2011 Versailles Congress Centre - Jicable'11 - 8th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables


What are Jicable Video Sessions?

During Jicable Sessions you have the opportunity to highlight your products and Know-How with Video Presentations Sessions. The videos displays during the sessions are free of charge, it is a JICABLE's Service.

These presentations are appreciated by the delegates, and numerous companies seized the opportunity. During Jicable’07, 25 different movies in 7 languages have been displayed, attended by about 300 “Cable’s World” Key People.

Who can provide a video for Jicable11?

Any company, organization, or Person provided the subject be related to the cables and with a high Technical level content in the field of cables, accessories, installation, materials, utilities, calculations and connected related R&D activities. Economic and environment aspects are also considered and are in the scope of Jicable.


English and/or French are mandatory for each video, however other additional versions of these videos are appreciated. During Jicable’07 some videos presented in English or French have been also displayed in Spanish, German, Deutsch, Italian and Chinese languages.


Only numeric versions can be displayed (DVD or CD are preferred).

Details about the video are to be sent as soon as possible : contact

Jicable’07 Some of the proposed videos
Video Title Duration Company Language
Liaison à Haute Tension Tihange-Avernas 20’ Elia French /NL
From Overhead to Underwater Laying 400 kV cables in the open countryside 14’ Eltra/Silec Cables English
The Big Adventure of Power Cable 17’ Jicable English / French
Abu-Dhabi 400 kV 18’ Jicable English
Cablage clef en main du tunnel de base du Lötscberg (Schlüsselfertige Kabelanlagen Lötscberg -Basistunnel) 18’ Nexans French / German
Liaison EDF Guadeloupe 5’ Nexans French
Turnkey Cable Plant Lötscberg base tunnel 18’ Nexans English
Une Double Liaison en 220 kV 5’ Nexans English
2° Interconnexion Espagne Maroc 20’ Nexans/Prysmian/RED/ONE English / French
A Bridge Between Two Continents (Spain/Morocco) 15’ Nexans/Prysmian/RED/ONE English / French
Barajas Madrid Airport 400kV 8’ Prysmian English
Randstad 380 kV 18’ Prysmian English
400kV Cable Project Århus – Aalborg 8’ Prysmian English
500kV DC Submarine Cable 14’ Viscas English
Cold Shrinkable Joint 8’ Viscas English

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