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Technical Visits

Thursday, June 25th 2015 - 09:00

Technical Visit V1

Visit of the primary substation "Boule"

The 225/20 kV Boule substation, which will be in service in late 2015, will serve a dense urban area located in the western suburbs of Paris. Built to meet the load growth, it will also help secure the supply of the business district 'La Défense'. Located on a 2300 m2 plot of land, it will host, in 2017, three 225 kV / 20 kV transformers of 70 MVA each. Ultimately, it will feed sixty underground connections. All of the HV and MV installations are installed in a 5-level building. This building was the subject of an extensive architectural study in order to best integrate its urban environment.

Duration : half day (afternoon) and snack at the end of the visit
Capacity : 30 people
Fee : 60 €, including transport

Technical Visit V2

Visit of the static reactive power compensator in Nanterre

The static reactive power compensator in Nanterre is an installation that controls voltage by injecting reactive power into the network. This process is particularly required in case of an urban dense underground network involving inductive power injection in order to compensate the capacitive behaviour of the cables. This equipment is both adaptable and fast. It avoids the risk of voltage collapse in a few tenths of a second. It ensures the operating safety of the power system and guarantees the quality of supply. The equipment is one of the innovations now being implemented in strategic substations. It contributes to making electricity networks smart and efficient.

Duration : half day (morning)
Capacity : 30 people
Fee : 60 €, including transport

Technical Visit V3

Visit of the R&D site «EDF Lab les Renardières »

The EDF R&D's site "Les Renardières" in the south of Paris is one of the three research sites of the group EDF in France. This technical visit is an opportunity to visit laboratories such as the "EDF Networks Lab" and the "Concept-GRID".

The EDF Networks Lab represents all EDF R&D's testing facilities for all electrical system equipment. These tests cover the entire range of electrical tests from low to high voltage.

The Concept Grid is a unique experimental platform to support and anticipate the evolution of electrical systems.
This set of facilities operates under medium and low voltage and allows a wide range of experiments making Concept Grid a first rate tool for preparing tomorrow's networks. Its unique design places it mid-way between laboratory tests and experiments in the field. Concept Grid makes it possible to conduct complex testing campaigns, in complete safety that would be impossible to perform on a real network.

Duration : 1 day
Capacity : 30 people
Fee : 90 €, including transport and lunch.

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