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Jicable'15 Award, WINNER

Estimating the impact of VLF frequency on effectiveness of VLF withstand diagnostics (C3.5)
by Nigel HAMPTON, Josh PERKEL, Vivek TOMER, Marina KUNTSEVICH; USA, Jean Carlos HERNANDEZ; Venezuela

Young Researcher Contest

Spatially-resolved measurement and diagnostic method for power cables using interference characteristics of travelling waves (F2.07)
by Fisher Erik, Weindl Christian, Institute of Electrical Energy Systems, University of Erlangen, Germany

Measurement and modelling of surface charge accumulation on insulators in HVDC gas insulated line (GIL) (F2.25)
by Zhang Boya, Wang Qiang, Zhang Guixin, Tsingha University, Beijing, China

Modelling of viscoelastic dynamic bending stiffness for VIV analysis of submarine cables (F2.08)
by Hedlund Johan, ABB AB, High Voltage Cables, Karlskrona, Sweden

Session's Report

All available Session reports can be downloaded from the Session Report entry of the menu

F6.1.08 missing paper

Paper F6.1.08 is badly referenced B9.2.pdf within the Jicable's tablet
Title of the paper :
"Effect of carbon selection on semiconductive compound water content and uptake"
by Daniele BONACCHI, Christine VAN BELLINGEN; Imerys Graphite & Carbon, Switzerland
Dennis LABBE; P&M Cable Consulting LLC, Switzerland
That paper is accessible through the search engine entering any keyword F6.1.08, or part of the title, or the author etc. or also inside the fullpaper directory in your sd card

Session E4 Update

On session E4, please add E4.2
which isn't not included in your tablet
download paper E4.2 here


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