June 2015 Versailles Congress Centre - JICABLE'15 - 9th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables

1984-A1 - LV and MV Cables


pdf  Low-voltage overhead networks and trappings using insulated conductors

PARIS Michel, SCHWAB Anne-Marie  -  EDF-DER Clamart, France


pdf  Insulated cables for aerial networks with AC rated voltages up to 1 kV Specifications and installation rules

BECKER J., BOURJOT P, GASPARINI G.  -  Câblerie de Charleroi - CDC Charleroi, Belgium

BORRAS FIGUERAS Tomas  -  SAENGER Barcelona, Spain

BOURJOT Pierre  -  CEAT Poissy, France

GASPARINI Georgio  -  CEAT CAVI Torino, Italy


pdf  Distribution cables at Electricité de France. Technological evolutions of cables and accessories

SCHMELTZ Jacques  -  EDF Direction de la Distribution Paris la Défense, France

FERRAN Jacques, LOUET Maurice  -  EDF Direction de la Distribution Paris la Défense, France


pdf  Developments in medium voltage polymeric cables

ROSS Alec  -  Eastern Electric Board Ipswich, UK

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