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I am pleased to welcome you to our website, whose objective is, as for the Jicable conferences, to promote scientific and technical exchanges within the insulated power cables field.
The idea is to provide a valuable source of information with a real contribution aimed at promoting the players in this sector by highlighting their technological achievements. Details of the 10 past conferences are available under "Jicable's Conferences".
This site is yours; I therefore invite you to send us any useful information you may have, such as dates of cable events around the world, outstanding achievements you have heard about, etc..


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Jicable-HVDC'21 - International symposium on HVDC cable systems

Jicable's next symposium is forecasted from November 8th to November 10th 2021 (to be confirmed)
Jicable-HVDC'21 will be held in Liège (Belgium)
The scientific programme of Jicable-HVDC'21 is currently available online : hvdc21.jicable.org/hvdc-21-symposium-program/technical-program

Registrations for Jicable-HVDC'21 are now open

For more, see hvdc21.jicable.org
Jicable-HVDC'21 will be the natural follow-up of Jicable-HVDC17 and Jicable-HVDC'13 dedicated to high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems for which insulated power cables are a key component. Details of the symposia held in Perpignan in 2013 and Dunkirk in 2017 are reported on the respective web sites, and to take advantage of Jicable-HVDC'21 launching, papers and slides presented in these symposia can be downloaded from Jicable-HVDC17 and Jicable-HVDC13.

Jicable'19 - International Conference on LV, MV, HV & EHV cables and cable systems

Jicable'19 was held on 23-27 June, 2019 in Versailles - France with about 700 delegates.
About 310 communications have been exposed during this three days conference (oral sessions, poster sessions and a Young Researchers Contest).

Jicable19 is on line (Jicable'19), as well as TGEG'19 (AGP21 Workshop)

Jicable archives

The list of all JICABLE proceedings from JICABLE'84 to the last conference JICABLE'19 is now available. You will have free access to the first page (pdf version) of any of those 1800 technical papers, which is most usefull as this page comes with an abstract.
Full version is available free of charge upon a nominative request.
A search engine is supplied to assist you in your bibliographic researches into that huge amount of data dealing with insulated cables and their applications.

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  • The complete list of all proceedings issued from Jicable'84 up to Jicable'19 is available as a package for sale. It comes with a full search engine to easily dig among that huge amount of data. Should you know exactly what you need, a copy of a limited number of communications is available for free upon nominative request.

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